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    • Biodegradable displays for sustainable electronics

      Increasing use of electronic devices in consumables and new technologies for the internet of things are increasing the amount of electronic scrap. To save resources and minimize waste volumes, an eco-friendlier production and more sustainable lifecycle will be needed. Scientists have now been the first to produce displays, whose biodegradability has been checked and certified by an independent office.

    • Breakthrough design vastly improves mechanical heart valve

      New research may take the current 'gold standard' for heart valves to a new level of reliability. A team of researchers has developed a way to improve overall blood flow through the valves, so the design of mechanical heart valves will more closely match the real thing.

    • Better bundled: New principle for generating x-rays

      X-rays are usually difficult to direct and guide. X-ray physicists have developed a new method with which the X-rays can be emitted more precisely in one direction. To do this, the scientists use a structure of thin layers of materials with different densities of electrons to simultaneously deflect and focus the generated beams.

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